Morning Links: The New York Yankees Are Leaking

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Yankees Accidentally Leak Personal Info Of Season Ticket Holders – George Costanza has accidentally leaked a spreadsheet containing account numbers, names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for 20,000 Yankees fans. In a related story, the Pittsburgh Pirates have leaked a spreadsheet containing similar information for all six of their season ticket holders. One of them is Andy Van Slyke! [Deadspin]

2011 NFL Draft Choose Your Own Adventure – Way cooler and funnier than the one we did over at FanHouse, although I’m still terrible at these. I tried to draft Ras-I Dowling and was slain by a dwarf. [SB Nation]

Rules For Golfing During the Blitz – “In Competitions, during gunfire or while bombs are falling, players make take cover without penalty for ceasing play.” Well, that’s good to know. Rule number one should be “if someone is trying to kill you, do not play golf.” [boingboing]

This Week in F**k You: NordicTracks – My dad was always ordering things like this from television, hoping they’d get him motivated. They just took up space in my parents’ bedroom. I worked out on a Body By Jake for like the first five years of my life. [KSK]

Not Sports:

America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars is Coming – Allison Harvard is in this or we riot. She was the hottest, most nosebleedy thing ever. The best reality show contestants always have “Harvard” in their name. Remember Tough Enough? [Warming Glow]

The Wrestling Podcast – Okay, exercise equipment counts as sports but pro wrestling doesn’t? Come on. Anyway, this is TH’s inaugural podcast, and if you’re even mildly interested in fake fighting I’d recommend a listen. He interviews CHIKARA ref Bryce Remsberg, who is better at his job than almost anyone else in the world. [The Wrestling Blog]

X-Men Gets Longer Trailer, Less Terrible Poster – Although that poster IS still pretty terrible. I keep telling myself that I won’t pay money to see this, but I’m that dork who marked out when Jamie Madrox was wearing the appropriate shirt in X-Men: The Last Stand. [FilmDrunk]

Goggles Can Diagnose Dry Eyes – If I wrote for GammaSquad, my headline would’ve been “DRY EYES! THE GOGGLES DO NOTHING!” Wait, why don’t I write for GammaSquad? [GammaSquad]

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