Morning Meat: Now 100% Rape Free

08.18.10 7 years ago

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Burnsy details the life and times of Brett Favre. [Uproxx]

You mean to tell me there are machines that can fly? [Uproxx]

“Sex Toy or Dog Toy’ is the toughest decision game since ‘Pro Athlete or Executed in Texas.’ [The Smoking Jacket]

Tila Tequila was understandable, but now those damned Juggalos have gone too far. [BuzzFeed]

The only Twitter account you’ll ever need is WithLeather. BELIEEE DAT. [Guyism]

The greatest athlete movie cameos. Why Shawn Bradley didn’t win an Oscar for ‘Space Jam’ is beyond me. [Bleacher Report]

Scott Pilgrim gets Simpson-fied. Your inner nerd boner is rising. [Comics Alliance]

Video game wizards? More like alpha nerds. [Urlesque]

Adult Swim’s Top Topless Moments. [Adult Swim]

Videos with funny cats and attractive women always satisfy the WL demographic. [Next Round]

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