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07.14.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

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  • Summer is the time of year to buy all kinds of crazy crap. That’s why we’re releasing the Uproxx Summer Buyer’s Guide.


  • I don’t really get “Robot Chicken,” but for those that do, there’s this.

    Warming Glow.

  • The University of Cologne wants you to do your very best. I’m on a horse.


  • These video game tie-ins seem a bit squirrely.


  • If you live in Nebraska, you’ve probably had sex with a mannequin.


  • Michael Caine says the next Batman movie will start shooting in April. Maybe.

    Gamma Squad.

  • The Mel Gibson dance mix for which you’ve been pining.


  • Dinner break was called while the field was four players away from the bubble. Dick move or dickest move?


  • Jamie Foxx is up to no good. Fresh…respected.

    THE Smoking Section.

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