Nameless Douchebag Likes Kobe Bryant

04.28.10 7 years ago 14 Comments

There’s really not much to add here, other than the fact that this guy looks like he’s almost doing a Ben Stiller impression that’s so bad that it’s almost good [and apparently fake, as Jason points out in the comments]. Having said that, if Kobe Bryant wanted to hang out with some random douchebag in L.A. with a Fu Manchu mustache and a Rainbow Coalition of friends, then today is his lucky day.

Love you Kobe…Hey Kobe, text me something man, I’ll text you back something witty. Yeah, let’s develop some inside jokes. I wanna know you, man. I wanna make you smile. Wanna be your sunshine!

Let’s take a day trip to Santa Barbara. Let’s hit up some touring shops. Let’s buy some antiques!

God, I felt gay just typing that. And it gets even more gay. I don’t care if it is fake; the dirtiness I feel inside after watching that is real. By the time I finished watching this, I was ready to go shopping for a new duvet cover. Anyway, video’s after the jump. You might want to put a condom over your ears. Douchebag HIV is on the rise.

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