NBA Round-Up: Rick Welts Is Out

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Haha, no I don’t mean that Rick Welts has been fired, sillies. I mean that the President of the Phoenix Suns is gay, as per an interview published in the New York Times yesterday. And of course he’s gay. He’s wearing a pink shirt, for the love of Lady Gaga. In all seriousness, though, the 58-year old chose to finally break his silence to help create a conversation for all male team sports about homosexuality.

“This is one of the last industries where the subject is off limits,” said Mr. Welts, who stands now as a true rarity, a man prominently employed in professional men’s team sports, willing to declare his homosexuality. “Nobody’s comfortable in engaging in a conversation.” (Via New York Times)

It’s definitely an important conversation and I hope that Welts’ sacrifice isn’t for naught. Statistics would strongly suggest that there are many gay men in professional sports, and it must be difficult for them to keep hiding their real identities behind fears of discrimination and physical threats. After all, they can’t all be as macho as Johnny Weir.

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