Neither Rain Nor Meat Nor Gloom Of Night…

12.28.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

You’re not gonna believe this, but Philly wasn’t the east coast was pelted with snow.

FilmDrunk’s comments of the year. I liked the one where they suggested that a popular personality in film wasn’t very intelligent.

Finally, here’s that Debbie Gibson – Tiffany – Mega Python – Gatoroid for which you’ve been pining.
Gamma Squad.

Gary Busey tried to fight Meat Loaf. Not a slab of meat in a loaf shape, but the singer. The first rule of Meat Loaf is that we do not discuss Meat Loaf.
Warming Glow.

Sure, strip clubs can be where dreams come true, but only if you’ve written a hit song. Fresh…respected.
THE Smoking Section.

A look inside a Japanese brothel. Turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so.
Ego TV.

Feedback from G4’s “Best Games of 2010” list. “Leisure Suit Larry” probably didn’t make the discussion.
G4 TV.

Breaking: people aren’t very smart. Here are five dumb cons that actually worked.
THE Smoking Jacket.

Wikileaks is about to reveal the secret U.S. war against UFOs. It’s not news…

AWWWWWWW It’s a kitty playing Foosball. No spinning, kitty!

Here’s 50 Cent’s son playing with a big stack of cash. Apparently, 50 is unfamiliar with the FDIC.
The Urban Daily.

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