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Thankfully, her sweater puppies survived unscathed” title=”Thankfully, her sweater puppies survived unscathed” class=”alignright size-full wp-image-41″ />

Bears safety Adam Archuleta and girlfriend Jennifer Walcott are still working through the grief that began the day after Christmas, when Walcott's two chihuahuas were poisoned while under the care of Archuleta's mother.

“There were meatballs with green pellets sprinkled on them lying in the backyard near the dog bowls,” said the mother, Vange Archuleta. She said the dogs, Ace and Ren, were about 11 years old when they died after the tainted meatballs were thrown into her backyard…

Chandler police detective David Ramer said officers pursued several leads in the case but couldn’t identify any suspects. He said the case is currently suspended.

Really?  Several leads?  Apparently Chandler, Arizona is a haven for Cold War operatives and Shakespearean villains.

Listen, I'm not a big fan of chihuahuas — no self-respecting man is — but you can't just go poisoning whatever dogs you don't like.  You have to electrocute or hang them as Michael Vick intended.

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