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A month ago I made my Halloween NFL logos. They got around and were fairly popular, as my logo sets tend to be. A week later someone else made Disney NFL logos.  Then something happened. NFL logos weren’t cool anymore. Deadspin got sassy when they posted the Disney ones, acting smug and superior about logos now being a stupid 2014 trend. Well excuse me, Deadspin, but I started doing these logos in 2012, thank you very much, and I think it’s hilarious that you should act all condescending about something you are using to generate clicks anyway. Deadspin certainly had no qualms using my previous works for clicks. Soon after that, SBNation got cute and made a parody where they just posted every NFL logo as is and called it “NFL Logos as NFL Logos”. I personally thought it was kinda funny, but it was also pretty lazy and I thought would have been funnier if he labeled the teams differently or at least changed the colors. SBNation, of course, also had no problem linking the Disney or Halloween logos.

I don’t think either site meant it to be mean but more to just try and comment on the overload. After all, I myself have probably made more versions than anyone else. I’ve made them Fat, British, Anime, Hipsters, Halloween, Potheads & Manningfaced but it does seem to indicate that so many of these redesigns have come out now that the overall meme of “NFL logos as Thing” has reached the stage of an internet meme where it’s no longer funny, and needs to be subverted and mocked ironically for it to become funny again. As the world’s premiere NFL Logo humorous re-designer and trend setter I am saddened by this development, but it was inevitable so there’s no use getting too worked up about it. Instead, lets one-up the snarks at their own game. Let’s pitch the biggest tent you’ve ever seen. Let’s rise to the occasion. Let’s thrust our way back into NFL history and show these bums that if you want to mock the NFL logos, you gotta do it right. Step aside folks, & let the master work.

NFL logos as penises.

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