NFL Not Acceptable Excuse For Jury Duty

09.22.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

Capital punishment trials are never pleasant for anybody involved. The defendant pleads his case, waiting to hear if he’ll be executed by the state. The defense attorney has the responsibility of saving a man’s life through the red tape that is the judicial system. But let’s not forget the jury. The group of the defendant’s peers that will ultimately make the decision on whether someone lives or dies, only after hours of legal back and forth, and more hours spent in deliberation. Truly, being chose for jury duty in a capital punishment trial is the biggest hassle in the history of man, especially if it keeps you from missing your favorite team’s NFL game that week.

A prospective juror attempted to use that excuse to get out of hearing a murder trial in Memphis, but was told no-go by Shelby County Criminal Court Judge James Beasley Jr. The man said he was worried about his season tickets for the Tennessee Titans.

The judge said that he had numerous friends who would be glad to use the tickets, and added: “And if you’re on this jury, I’ll make sure they have the game on.” –USA Today

That judge obviously isn’t a football fan. If he was, he would understand that there are only eight home games a year, and that season tickets are way too expensive to be missing games for jury duty. It must have been very difficult for him not to punch that judge in the throat when he said his ‘friends could use the tickets.’ Put them on jury duty then, smart guy. But please, keep the game on for him. Going to the game is totally the same watching it in a crowded court room sans booze, cheerleader hotties, and the ability to heckle opposing fans. Why do you think he got those tickets in the first place? The best way to get out of jury duty after the jump.

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