NHL Puck-Up: Green Men Get The Boot?

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"Ass like an onion, right?"

The two Vancouver Canucks fans lovingly known as the Green Men claim that they received a warning from Canucks officials before Saturday’s game to curb their behavior that they’ve become somewhat famous for. Basically, they dance around in the green body suits made famous by Charlie Day and they heckle opposing players in the penalty box. Apparently the Predators have grown tired of this.

“Someone through the NHL told us that we were no longer allowed to touch the glass,” said one of the two lads who go by the handles Force and Sully.

“This is the first complaint we’ve ever heard of. The Canucks love us. We haven’t done anything wrong. We pay full price, and we have a little fun while supporting our team.” (Via Toronto Sun)

However, Predators officials deny making any complaint about the Green Men, and we have to believe them, because if there’s one thing that a team does after complaining about something insignificant like annoying fans, it’s own up to it. Yesiree, there’s not a team out there that doesn’t care about people labeling its executives and players as whiny little sissy girls. Good thing fans don’t react to or lash out at these types of complaints at all.

The Green Men in action, in case you’re not hip to Vancouver pro sports:

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Oh, there was a game last night, too…

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Boston Bruins 3, Philadelphia Flyers 2 OT (Series: 2-0 BOS)

Another day, another overtime hockey game. The Bruins may be up 2-0 on the Flyers but I’m pretty disappointed in Boston for this win. Game 1 was a good old-fashioned 7-3 curb stomp. The Flyers might as well have started Johnny Weir and Nancy Kerrigan the way they played that game. But Boston could only muster 2 goals in regulation last night? Amateur hour, boys. The Bruins had a chance to set a precedent and throw up another massive win and make teams in hockey realize that scoring puts butts in the seats. In my new vision for the NHL, the goalies only play in the third period. I’d watch that so hard.

But since I’ve been labeled a dangerous visionary for my Toddler Fight Club, Gary Bettman won’t listen to me. So we’re stuck with David Krejci overtime goals and people spending hours trying to pronounce Krejci.

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