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This is Australia’s own Nicky Whelan, who, according to Wikipedia, was voted two time “sport model of the year,” which I suppose is just standing in front of stuff in a bikini. If that’s a skill, then I applaud her craftsmanship, in a profound, Chinese sort of way. Like the sound of one hand clapping. Clapping my own dingo, that is.

Also from Wiki:

In November 2007, Whelan made a special appearance in Harrow, London to promote sustainable transport and initiatives that benefit the environment. At the event she confirmed that after Neighbours, [Some Aussie TV show in which she starred –Ed.] she has been in discussions over feature films. Recent reports have also linked Whelan to major projects including the next James Bondfilm.[citation needed] She has been recently romantically linked to David Spade.

Whelan is currently filming the movie Hollywood and Wine in Los Angeles. She plays the lead actress along side David Spade.

Seriously, you have no idea how hard it was finding pictures of this girl with her clothes on. Feel free to observe Nicky in her element after the jump. Her attention to detail is without peer, don’t you agree, Mr. President? You didn’t see that, but my penis just nodded in agreement.

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