04.11.07 10 years ago 6 Comments

First they tore down Ebbets Field.  Then they introduced the designated hitter.  And baseball's record are tarnished forever by the steroid scandal.  But this… this may be the worst of all.

One consequence of the Dodgers' new parking system could be the endangerment of the Union 76 gas station beyond center field, a landmark as old as Dodger Stadium… Surveying the trickle of vehicles driving past his station — on a day that 56,000 fans packed Dodger Stadium — [station operator Chuck] Mercier said, "They've pretty much closed me off."

Mercier said he had e-mailed Dodgers officials about his concerns and hoped that they would try to work with him to ensure the survival of a landmark that has been featured on the Travel Channel as the only gas station on the premises of a major league baseball stadium.

Oh the humanity.  What is the world coming to when our nation's landmark gas stations are having trouble staying in business?  I had always feared that Big Parking would one day move in one Big Oil's turf, and now that day is here.  What's next?  Fuel-efficient cars?  Where have you gone, Lee Iacocca?  Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

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