No Plaxico Burress In 2010

09.01.10 7 years ago

Former Giants wideout and current guest of the State of New York Plaxico Burress was denied a work-release application, one which would have allowed him to suit up for the 2010 season. I have a feeling that he’ll still catch a lot of balls this year. In the face.

In a statement, the [Department of Correctional Services] said that Burress’s prison record to this point is “satisfactory” but includes one misbehavior report, leading to today’s Plaxico Burress Prison Fun Fact: He reportedly lost his recreation privileges for a month after lying to a guard to gain access to a pay phone.) He’s scheduled for a conditional release on June 6, 2011 — he can’t reapply for work release until that date, either.

–New York Mag.

Burress was released by the Giants last April, and therefore would have had to be signed for any chance to play. Sucks to be him, though I can’t really find any sympathy for a guy that discharges a firearm in a public place. At least a got a good fantasy team name out of it; “Bulletproof Sweatpants” really need to have a good season this year. Gilbert Arenas should be grateful that he didn’t play for the Knicks.

For those of you hoping for a Plaxico fix, I’ve got you covered after the jump.

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