Nobody Wants To Work For The Mets

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Former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre made mention earlier this week that he wouldn’t ever rule out talking to the New York Mets about their manager gig if they came calling. The problem is that Jerry Manuel is still the manager of the Mets and he doesn’t really appreciate people talking about taking his job. At least not until he definitely loses it in two weeks.

After learning that he’d upset Manuel, Torre immediately issued an apology and as of this morning Manuel has accepted that apology, so all is well in the land of managers who pretty much sucked this season. Hell, if they could get Tony LaRussa involved this whole thing would be the perfect storm of nose hair and anger. But Torre’s comments have sparked both outrage – how dare he break the unwritten rule of baseball managers!* – and musings as to the future of the Mets. Hold on, I just got a telegraph from the future… yeah they still suck.

Show us what a domino effect looks like, ESPN New York. Well, maybe a ripple effect. Wait, is there a nipple effect?

“Oh, there is no question,” Torre told’s Ian O’Connor after being asked if he would listen if Fred and Jeff Wilpon called him about the Mets’ managerial job. “That is why I didn’t shut the door. I saw Freddie [Wilpon] when they unveiled Commissioner [Bud] Selig’s statue [in Milwaukee,] but we just said hello.”

They also nodded slightly, as Mets COO Jeff Wilpon dropped a note on the floor that read: “The manatee flies at midnight.” As if it’s some mystery that Manuel and Mets GM Omar Minaya are more than likely not going to be using their respective titles next season, Torre still issued his apology and reiterated what most of us have assumed, that he’s going to retire. Manuel accepted Torre’s apology and continues to shrug off these pesky exaggerated rumors of his demise.

By the way, according to Los Angeles reporters, Joe Torre apologized to Jerry Manuel for speculating about his job. Torre pulled himself out of the running for the gig, which, of course, is not yet available. And Manuel accepted the contrition.

“Joe, I’ve always known as a class person,” Manuel said. “So I have no problem with it. I’m trying to win games.” (

In related news, this marks the first time a Mets manager has tried to win games in September.

Meanwhile, the art of media speculation has become a tad difficult for those covering Mets. It is increasingly tougher to predict who will replace Minaya, seeing as nobody wants to work with Jeff Wilpon, citing his micro-managing and know-it-all ways, among plenty of other things. The New York Post recently surveyed 10 front office employees from various MLB teams and they all confirmed that Wilpon is the reason that nobody wants the Mets job. And all this time I assumed it was Fernando Tatis’s old man smell.

*Is there any sport with more unwritten laws than baseball? Shouldn’t someone eventually, you know, write them?

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