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It was as close to date rape as basketball’s national championship game ever came. North Carolina jumped out to a 24-9 lead over Michigan State in the first half and never looked back. Carolina’s Ty Lawson led all scorers with 21 points and North Carolina cruised to immortality with an 89-72 win. The Tar Heels avenge their own GHB-laced tournament ouster from a year ago at the hands of Kansas. It’s nice to know that the state of Kansas is occasionally good at something.

Now to important business, the winner of St. Andrew’s Pool was tenaciousad_1, who also finished in the 100th percentile of all ESPN brackets. Congratulations to him and thanks to all 1,022 of you that screwed up and didn’t win. Wasn’t that fun? You know, for the first weekend?

Video after the jump:

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