Not a Great Football Season for Oklahoma Fans

10.16.06 11 years ago

We all remember that refereeing ugliness from the Oklahoma-Oregon game, yes? And how Rhett Bomar got kicked off the team just before the season started? Well, things got a little even less awesome for the Sooners on Saturday when Heisman hopeful Adrian Peterson broke his collarbone at the end of a 53-yard touchdown run. And it was the first game that Peterson's father was able to watch in eight years due to a prison sentence.

All in all, a pretty disheartening series of events. That is, if you care about Oklahoma, which I don't. Hey, it's not my fault: I had to live in Oklahoma for three years. All I remember are tornado drills, rattlesnakes, and box elder bugs. And worst of all, Barry Switzer.

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