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I don't know any ruggers but I would imagine they would have to be possessed on a near-animalistic rage to do what they do. And if that rage were attended with an animalistic lack of social niceties, all the better.  One of them, Todd Carney – not to be confused with Chiefs' kicker John Carney, who is quite urbane – is living up to that image, namely by peeing on a friend of a teammate's leg and barking at women.

Tilse's mate had come from interstate to watch the match, claimed the witness, who works at All Bar Nun. "The guy was in the toilet and Carney has just turned and [pissed] up and down his leg,'' the witness said

The sponsors were "feeding'' Carney drinks and the two players became "too drunk'', the witness said. Neighbours said they heard "barking'' in the street for about 20 minutes before the brawl occurred.

"It was like a real dog barking, but you could tell it was human,'' a neighbour said. Carney was allegedly ejected from the same premises last weekend for "barking'' at women, the witness said.

Ah man, someone should tell DMX about this rugby thing. No one does a more convincing dog growl and bark than that guy. And after peeing on the guy's leg, the rapper's liable to bite it or stab it too, ending with a proclamation that "Dog's a dog for life, son! GGGGGRRRR RUFF! RUFF!" Take notes, ruggers.

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