09.18.09 8 years ago

Seriously, if I wanted to sing about the exploits of ignorant people that don’t seem capable of accomplishing anything, I would have had a kid. But Chad Nacho Pinko is back at it, defying the collectivity of what may very well be the worst excuse for a “team” in the National Football League. No-Show and the Bengals are heading to Green Bay this Sunday, and he’s already thinking about celebrating that touchdown that he probably won’t score:

If he scores on Sunday, Chad Ochocinco says he’s going to do the Lambeau Leap, and that it won’t be a disrespectful display, rather, he’d like Packers fans to embrace him. via.

If he scores, which is like saying “if Michael Jackson comes back from the dead,” which, come to think, would be totally awesome. It’s about time they made a sequel to that “Thriller” video, anyway…I can’t be the first person to have made that comment…

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