Oh It’s On Now, Steelers Fans

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02.03.11 9 Comments

On Tuesday, we introduced you to Molly, a young Pittsburgh Steelers fan with a ukulele, a love for the her team, and pretty decent song rewriting skills. Molly turned Lady GaGa’s “Bad Romance” into an anthem for Steelers fans, who wear clothing made of raw meat (wouldn’t count it out), and for two glorious days Molly was a pop-culture-merged-with-sports queen.

But not if some young Green Bay Packers fans can help it. Some Lil Cheezeys made their own video version of “Bad Romance” set to Packers lyrics, and these kids threw in choreographed dance moves and some sassy attitudes. Your move, Molly. But I’ll warn you that I’m now expecting fireworks, maybe some live cobras, and a dwarf with a flamethrower riding an alpaca. It isn’t hard, you have until midnight.

Packers “Bad” response after the jump…

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