08.19.09 8 years ago

O.J. Simpson actually had a court ruling in his favor earlier this week. No, he’s not out of jail. He won a court case that decided the ownership of some of that memorabilia that he tried to steal a couple years ago:

In a ruling that capped more than a year of legal wrangling, Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenberg on Tuesday gave nine souvenir footballs and a few other items to a lawyer for Simpson nemesis Fred Goldman for auction. Goldman is trying to collect on a $33.5 million civil judgment against Simpson.

But in another odd twist, the judge said Simpson must get the first $6,075 from the auction. Rosenberg said it was possible that figure would not be reached, and then Goldman would get nothing. via.

This was from a bundle of crap that Simpson was trying to steal (back?) from memorabilia dealer Bruce Fromborg. However, Fromborg was allowed to keep most of his OJ stuff that was stolen from him in that September 2007 robbery: something like 600 photographs and a few books. I’d be more interested in a certain knife and pair of black Bruno Magli shoes. Oh, no particular reason. A friend of mine’s getting married in October, and I don’t really feel like buying him a blender.

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