Oklahoma Fans Need Better Hobbies

09.19.06 11 years ago

In case you missed it, the Pac-10 refs royally botched a call on an onside kick that pretty much screwed Oklahoma out of a win against Oregon. Of course, a defensive stand could have helped them win as well, but that wouldn't have been necessary if the refs got the call right. The Pac-10 acted pretty reasonably, suspending the officials and issuing an apology.

Oklahoma fans, though, are still pissed. Really pissed. Like, call-the-replay-official-and-threaten-his-family pissed. And I say good for them. I'm tired of referees fucking up our sporting events and getting away with it like it's not some kind of crime against humanity. This kind of grassroots vigilantism is precisely the message those fat cats need.

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