08.01.08 9 years ago 18 Comments

A must-read for the coming weeks is D.C. Sports Bog, which has been temporarily renamed "Beijing Sports Smog" while author Dan Steinberg reports from the Olympic Games.  Will he push the limits of China's tolerance for a free press and get arrested?  Do political prisons have Wi-Fi?  I can't wait to find out.

While Steinz is in transit to the land of pandas and dragons, here's video of him asking various Olympians what their favorite Chinese food is.  Believe me, I had a "lettuce wrap from P.F. Chang's" joke all fired up and ready to go, but some athletes actually named P.F. Chang's in their responses, which kinda ruined it for me.  So instead, just enjoy Misty May-Treanor's enthusiastic Chinese accent.  Ha ha, she sounds so funny!  Isn't it silly the way she's trying to embrace a foreign culture?

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