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Pacman Jones, likely bound for reinstatement into the NFL following a yearlong suspension for his role in a strip club shooting that led to a bouncer's paralysis (the suspension exacerbated, no doubt, by his extensive arrest record for various things like spitting on women), appeared on Michael Irvin's radio show yesterday.  FanHaus has the highlights:

• Jones talks about his extremely rough childhood and admits that "It's getting to the point where it ain't no time for slip-ups right now…"
• Jones admits that visiting a strip club the night before meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (a meeting that was to decide Jones' NFL future, by the way) was "a bad decision … it was one of the dumbest decisions I've ever made." […]
• Despite sitting out last season, Jones says he's good for two wins a year all by himself.
• When asked if he's done with strip clubs, Jones offered this: "I cannot say ever, ever … But I can say they won't see me [in strip clubs] for the next three or four years."

I fuckin' feel that, man.  I'm a recovering addict myself.  I haven't been to a strip club in over a year.  I won't go to one tonight, and I probably won't go tomorrow.  But the thought of not going into one for the rest of my life?  That's terrifying.  I mean, there are NAKED WOMEN in there!  And they'll rub against me if I give them money!  And I have money!

…Ah crap.  So much for not going to a strip club tonight. 

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