French Pool To Muslim Chicks: T*ts Or GTFO

07.22.10 7 years ago 17 Comments

Two Muslim women were thrown out of a community swimming pool in southern France for wearing “burkinis,” swimwear designed to cover the entire body, including a hood over the head. Burkas were recently banned by the French government.

They were asked to either change into conventional bikinis or one-piece costumes or leave the swimming pool.

A holiday camp spokesman said: “The husbands became very irate that their wives were not allowed to swim with their bodies covered, and one of them threatened violence [with a bowling ball].”

Muslims? Threatening violence? Surely you jest. But apparently the pool had different ideas about the ban.

Regional government official Marie-Paule Bardeche said: “This is an issue stemming from the holiday centre’s own regulations.

“They state men and women must wear ordinary swimwear for hygiene reasons. Men are not even allowed to wear long shorts in the water.” –IOL.

France is on record as calling the burka “an insult to the country’s values.” Muslim tradition dictates that women keep their heads covered whenever in public. And there’s plenty of room to argue about this. London is basically bending over backwards to accommodate the Muslim community. And oh yeah, there’s that who Ground Zero mosque business. I made a poor joke earlier in the post about violence, but most Muslims just want to live their lives in observance of their faith. That’s a constitutional freedom that we Americans enjoy, and probably take for granted more than we’re willing to admit.

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