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This is Caitlin Davis, the now-former New England Patriots cheerleader who whipped out a pack of Sharpies to scribble on a passed-out friend and then posted her creativity on Facebook. Apparently the Patriots’ no-cartoon-penis policy is in full effect (though that marking on dude’s chin couldn’t have helped matters, either). The Boston Herald confirmed that Caitlin is officially Audi 5000 from the Patriots.

[W]e understand that Caitlin was dismissed as soon as the team brass became aware of the Facebook fiasco.

As you most certainly know, team owners Bob and Myra Kraft are huge in the Anti-Defamation League and, while Caitlin might have been given a pass on the penises, the swastikas were a no-go.”

This is just the kind of thing I needed to get my mind off the election. And let’s be honest: Aryan supremacy has never been sexier, even in a geographic area of the country traditionally predisposed to racism. Look for Caitlin to bounce back from this ordeal with the release of her upcoming children’s book, The Most Penisy Penis That Ever Penised. It’s a human story, really.

[via Sports Crackle Pop]

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