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After an offseason incident in which several members of the Penn State football team strolled into a party, kicked a bunch of people's asses, and walked out, legendary coach Joe Paterno brought the hammer down on his team by making all players clean up the stadium after home games.  And boy did they learn their lesson, because only three Nittany Lions are being charged with crimes after a fight last month that went a little something like this:

The victim's shirt, according to the complaint, was covered in blood and the victim was trying to use it to stem the flow of blood. Police saw swelling on his entire face, lips and nose and an injury to the eye. His nose was fractured and his lip was split, the complaint stated. The victim was yelling: "It took 15 football players to attack me," according to the criminal complaint.

The victim later told police he was "strolling" through the HUB, may have brushed another man and excused himself. He said he felt tension growing, and decided to walk outside to get away from it, according to the complaint. He said 15 people — all or many of them football players — followed him outside and jumped him.

Sounds like cleaning up the stadium was just the dose of humility those boys needed.  Wait, did I say "humility"?  Because I meant "rage fuel."  Yeah, that makes a lot more sense.


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