People Actually Buy Channing Crowder Jerseys?

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While the NFL Lockout continues, players are still forced to look elsewhere for around-the-clock attention, so it was no surprise that Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder returned to his South Florida radio show the other day. Once a week, Crowder and his guests offer their opinions and insight into the day’s hot topic NFL and Dolphins issues, and this week’s big subject was Terrelle Pryor’s admission of selling autographs and jerseys to Ohio businessmen. Crowder said that he supports Pryor because he “hypothetically” gets where he’s coming from.

“I’ll say hypothetically I don’t have any more of my Florida jerseys,” Crowder said Sunday. “There were some Jacksonville businessmen that really hypothetically liked my play.”

(CBS Sports)

And hypothetically speaking, it’s funny when Crowder talks about his college days, because he was hypothetically very promising and he hypothetically shot himself in his hypothetical ass when he blamed Mel Kiper’s first round projection as the reason he spent too much money before the Dolphins even chose him in the third round. Hypothetically, his one career interception, 2.5 sacks and 3 fumbles suck. It’s too bad those Jacksonville businessmen weren’t working for the Jaguars, amiright fellow Dolphins fans?

Look, I’m not going to be the eleventy-billionth sports-words-typing-guy to shake my ham fist in rage that a college athlete is trying to profit off of his own skills and services. Nothing is going to change until college players learn how to strike, but then that would affect their educations and we can’t have that. I just find it so ironic that a guy like Crowder could command a high price for his college jerseys and autographs when I can pick up his Dolphins jersey at Marshalls.

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