06.24.08 9 years ago 8 Comments

Maybe it's the short salt-and-pepper hair. Perhaps it's the impish smile. Or it could even be the lustrous vagina. Whatever it is, when USC offensive line coach Pat Ruel looks at Pete Carroll, he knows he's laying eyes one of the most prepossessing women he's even seen. Oooh babe-ay.

"Pete's like a beautiful woman," Ruel said after taking the job. "The closer you get, you better look out. He is very charismatic. He can smile and make you feel like a million dollars."

Yessiree, a million dollars in single bills with Pete's face on the front. That way Ruel can toss it up over his bed and roll around in it. Why won't the world accept his Carrollbucks? Is there not a place for beauty anywhere? *SIGH* 

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