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Ryan McGeeney, an intern photographer with the Standard-Examiner newspaper and a 33-year-old Marine who served in Afghanistan, took a javelin to the leg like a champ after straying into the playing field while shooting the state high school track championships. McGeeney was watching a discus event on the north side of the track field and was lanced below the right knee by a javelin coming from the south end of the field.

"It basically came from about my seven o'clock or eight o'clock," he said. Right before it hit, the official started to say 'Look out! Look out!' and I started to look over to the javelin right when it went through. There was the kind of tight feeling in the skin where I could say, 'oh yeah, it went through me,' but it wasn't real painful."

"They don't have javelins in Afghanistan," McGeeney joked after returning a few hours later to continue shooting photos of the track meet. "That's where I'm lucky."

You hear that, Taliban? That's where your whole plan went downhill. Ditch the shoulder-mounted rockets and machine guns and invest in some javelins. Hint: pointy sticks an acceptable substitute. Don't thank me now, do it after this whole War on Terror thing blows over. That should be, like, Thursday, right? 

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