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A former Mets minor leaguer is on trial for aggravated cruelty to animals because he allegedly killed a cat that belonged to his girlfriend, Sports Illustrated reporter Lisa Altobelli. The man, 37-year-old Joseph Petcka, apparently accused Altobelli of liking the cat — Norman! His name was Norman! — more than she liked him.

Assistant District Attorney Leila Kermani said the cat named Norman died with broken teeth, broken ribs, a broken leg, a torn tongue, massive internal injuries including bruised lungs and a bruised liver and a chest cavity filled with blood.

“The defendant, in a fit of anger and rage, beat a defenseless animal to death,” Kermani told the jury in her opening remarks Wednesday. “The defendant killed Norman simply because he was an angry, jealous and drunken bully.” […]

[Petcka’s lawyer, Charles] Hochbaum complained the district attorney’s office never offered his client a plea deal. He said outside court he believes that was because of the publicity the case attracted and the urgings of cat fanciers.

Oh man, you better watch out for the urgings of cat fanciers.  When cat fanciers want something, you better believe they’re gonna get it!  Like a pint of Haagen-Dazs, or flannel pajamas.

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