Power Rankings: Bacon Knows No Season

12.24.10 7 years ago

When other sports outlets do power rankings, they’re shallow and pedantic. When we do Power Rankings, they kick all kinds of ass.

1. Bacon. Finally, you can have it for dessert. Well done, bacon. Well done, indeed. Thanks, Weed.

2. Kyle Shanahan. He’s not getting handled by Donovan McNabb, and that’s awesome.

3. Fighting your own teammate in the stands. More of this please, and I’ll start watching college basketball in December.

4. A counterpoint to Christmas cheer. It’s the new “Bah Humbug.”

5. The amorous advances of Rex Ryan. He likes feet? Maybe I should try feet. Anyway, LSUFreek does it again, via KSK.

6. Corgis. Enjoy Ufford’s Very Corgi Christmas.

7. Memory Foam. The Knicks’ Danilo Gallinari loves it.

8. Crazy people. It’s true: happiness is a form of craziness.

9. Sponsoring LeBron’s birthday party. A 12-page slideshow shows how you–YES, YOU!–can sponsor LeBron’s birthday tour. How much do I have to pay to watch the Delonte West sex tape?

10. Hedo Turkoglu. A man of Magic once again. And he’s huge in Delaware.

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