Power Rankings: Jew And Improved

12.03.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

When other websites do their power rankings, they’re pointless and stupid. But when we do power rankings, they kick ass. And this time we’re trying out a Jew format where…excuse me, a new format. Each item in our Rankings will have a video for your viewing pleasure, so enjoy that. Let us know what you think of the new moves in the comments. We might have to try this again sometime.

EA Sports cancelled distribution of their new “NBA Elite 11.” Probably because Andrew Bynum couldn’t stop acting like Jesus in the middle of the floor. I’m waiting for Fox News to announce this as the latest assault on Christianity.

This is on par with awarding the Super Bowl to Tuscaloosa. And Qatar will now get an automatic entry into the tournament. How bad is their national team? This bad…

Now if we can just get those street-legal light sabres finished up, we’ll be good.

I don’t know how this Swedish pop group managed to get all of these celebrities and not-really-famous-anymore people for their video, but I am impressed. I guess money is no object when you live in the ultimate welfare state. Here, they’re singing “Let It Be” from the Beatles…

And here they are with “We Are The World.” Sorry, no fake beach on this one.

Here’s their year in review. Of course it’s awesome.

It’s a sad day for bacon, as “bacon” was officially passed by “cupcakes” in Google searching earlier this week. Seems like an apt analogy for America these days. Here’s Jim Gaffigan’s classic bit on bacon to ease our suffering.

Please vote this man into the NFL Pro Bowl. Yes, this is the only time I’ve ever cared about the Pro Bowl.

Before Verne was blowing hot air about SEC football, he was blowing out car windows with the loudness of his clothing. Wait for it. Wait for it…

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