Police Had To Break Up This Bloody Fight Between Fans At A Rams Vs. Chiefs Preseason Game

Associate Editor

Usually, when we hear about an NFL preseason fight, it means a practice went horribly awry and a few players threw hands with one another. It’s typically something that goes away in a day or two – emotions are high, people get over it, those involved sometimes have to run sprints, nothing wild – but it rarely ever involves the police having to step in.

That is, of course, a preseason NFL fight has nothing to do with players. We got proof of that during a game on Saturday between the Los Angeles Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs. No one knows what led to this scuffle breaking out, but whatever set these two off must have been pretty bad. It looks like two dudes in t-shirts went after a few Chiefs fans and some punches were thrown.

The good news for everyone is that the people around the fight kind of kept things from breaking out into chaos before stadium security and, eventually, police officers were able to calm things down. One guy stepped in after this and threw a really heavy left hand that looked like it knocked someone out. Another fan also got a cut over their right eye that looked really nasty, but other than that, no one seems like they were seriously injured. Still, look at this gash:

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