Question Of The Day: Is Penny Marshall The NBA’s Superfan Or A Bandwagon Faker?

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01.05.12 11 Comments

At first, when I saw the above picture of Penny Marshall at Tuesday’s Los Angeles Lakers game at The Superficial, I was like, “Slow down girl, you’re decreasing the space in my Jordaches.” But then I started to think about it and I’ve put the spotlight on plenty of celebrity sports fans in the past, and while she’s certainly no Kate Upton – she’s not even BJ Upton – Marshall deserves plenty of credit for her efforts as a Los Angeles NBA superfan. Also, “Laverne & Shirley” was a pretty great show back in the day.
This brings us to the question of the day, though, and I thought maybe we’d use this Thoughtful Thursday to open up an intellectual debate about one of the most heated aspects of sports fanfare. Marshall is famously a fixture at both Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers games. Nobody has ever really questioned her for this, because nobody really ever gives a squirt about the Clippers aside from celebrity super-bandwagon-fan Bill Simmons.
I ask the With Leatherites and sports fans everywhere – is it cool for Penny Marshall to be a celebrity fan of both L.A. teams? What happens if the Clippers win a NBA title? Is she allowed to cheer for a championship by either? Is Ice Cube gonna have to lay waste with his AK? Is asking a question about the Clippers winning a title the most absurd thing I’ve ever written here? These are the questions that plague our lives.

(What has become of you, Tank Girl?)

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