02.12.07 11 years ago

Thanks goes to hunky reader Matthew, who pointed out that Timberwolves' rookie Randy Foye was cited for disorderly conduct early this morning after fighting with three other men at a gas station.

When police arrived, they found four people fighting near a parked SUV. Police said all four people knew each other and it appears all four arrived at the gas station in the same SUV.

Foye and two other people were cited for disorderly conduct, police said. A fourth person was booked into Hennepin County Jail for obstructing the legal process. Police said that man refused to be seated in a squad car, kicked the door and kicked at officers.

Police claimed to not know why the men were fighting, but you don't have to be Dick Tracy to solve this one. It was 2:40 in the morning at a Minnesota gas station in the middle of winter. "Fuck you, I'm not going outside. You get the frozen burritos." That, or somebody teased Foye about his organs being backwards. Because that's just gross.

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