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Yesterday it came out that NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen's wife Suzy Shuster intercepted bikini pictures sent to him by foxy Philly news anchor Alycia Lane.  Today, the twice-divorced Lane, 34, cleared the air:

Lane insisted she was not a home-wrecker. The photos were simply part of "harmless" banter between "two old friends," and not an attempt to entice the Los Angeles-based Eisen or break up his nearly four-year marriage to former Fox and ABC sports reporter Suzy Shuster…

Lane described the photos as "nothing salacious" – "fun, normal, scrunched-together" beach shots that included her and her female friends… Lane said she captioned the photos to Eisen over the phone as she e-mailed them in seven separate files. None of the e-mails contained text. Lane declined to provide copies of the photos, saying they were not supposed to be made public…

The station issued a statement from Lane that read: "Rich Eisen and I have been good friends for almost 10 years and our relationship has always been purely platonic. We regularly exchange e-mails and photos…"

Sheesh, just some photos of gal pals on vacation.  Definitely not a big deal.  So just relax, Suzy.  Lots of my platonic female friends send me harmless pictures of them on vacation, oiled up in bikinis, eating bananas, licking popsicles… it's just harmless fun that makes platonic sex between friends that much hotter when you run into each at a media event.

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