08.06.07 10 years ago 26 Comments

The Chinese have designed and developed a gas-powered roller blade.

With a 25cc engine attached to the right boot along with a small fuel tank, they carry the wearer along at up to 20mph. They are controlled using a handheld throttle and can reach maximum speed within seconds. But there is no brake. The only way of stopping is a shut-off button which acts like an emergency stop, throwing the skater forward at speed. If they were legal they would be classed as a motorised vehicle and the user would need a driving licence, insurance and L-plates [plates on skates? -Edit.].

It sounds like the perfect black market gift for that special person in your life who loves danger but has already been to a Thai cathouse and who wants to look like a pussy but already has a Vespa.  And look!  It's already available in Florida!  Thanks Craigslist!


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