02.10.10 8 years ago

The Washington Redskins, perhaps in a fit of blissful ignorance, are interviewing former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski to be their strength and conditioning coach. Romanowski played with the Broncos while Mike Shanahan, the current Redskins coach, was there.

Although he’s a controversial figure, hiring his former Broncos linebacker may not be the worst idea purely from a coaching standpoint. With Romanowski’s rampant use of supplements and highly-publicized training regimen, he lasted several years longer than others at the same age and position.

The intense Romanowski had a memorable NFL career, playing for four teams from 1988-2003. The two-time Pro Bowler once suited up in 243 consecutive games (an NFL record for linebackers) and is the only LB to start in five Super Bowls – winning twice with the 49ers in 1988-89, twice with the Broncos in 1997-98, and losing with the Raiders in 2002. –FOX News.

Even in the wake of Mark McGwire’s hiring in St. Louis, this just seems insane. Perhaps it’s nothing more than a courtesy interview for one of coach Mike Shanahan’s former players. But Romanowski, who all but gave credit to steroids and HGH for getting him through his 15-year NFL career, may become a sort of lightning rod for NFL followers who’d prefer to see the league take a harder line on so-called performance enhancers. That said, I don’t really care who does what. It seems hypocritical to ask guys to bash each other’s heads in for six months and then get annoyed when the blood that comes spilling out isn’t totally clean.

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