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I often get headaches for 15 weeks at a time, at which point I usually check my head for teeth embedded in my skull:

Ben Czislowski had a clash of heads with Tweed Heads forward Matt Austin during a Queensland Cup [rugby] game on April 1.  He had the wound stitched up but was wondering why he felt lethargic, had an eye infection and had shooting pains in his head ever since.

Czislowski… visited his GP last week and all was revealed… [he] ran around for 15 weeks without knowing an opponent's tooth was buried in his forehead.

I had almost the same thing happen to me last year.  I went around for 15 weeks wondering why it burned when I peed.  I guess owe a few ladies apologies.

(Link via the Debriefing; also see College Game Balls)   

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