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Saint Andrew’s Net is the greatest link dump in North America, and therefore, the world. If you’re trying to get your links dumped someplace else, look out, because some crazy jagoff from Singapore is about to jump out of your laptop and kill you. Seriously, dude.

  • The NBA Finals start tonight, but here’s something to get you started in preparing for next October (degenerates only, please)


  • The Louisville Slugger has been in baseball for 125 years. That’s about 10 years longer than Tim McCarver

    |Heroes Of Capitalism|

  • Videos of stock car crashes at Pocono…we’ll get there fast and then we’ll take it slow…thaaaat’s where weee wanna go-o-o…down to Pocono

    |All Left Turns|

  • This is a bunch of cartoon chicks…uhh…I really don’t know what to make of this…

    |The Bachelor Guy|

  • One of these days the Chinese are just gonna snap and this will be a big reason why…


  • …another reason being that they’re so gullible when it comes to “fishing with one’s penis” stories. Confucius didn’t have much insight into that phenomenon, I suppose

    |Style Points|

  • They say the weekend begins on Thursday. Well, if you’re one of those losers that’s about to embark on a torrid streak of loneliness, this fine directory of…websites…might help your cause

    |Bro Bible – SFW|

  • This is a solid commercial featuring Ichiro. There’s no boobs, explosions, or kung fu in it, but the spot itself scores well in the “Non-boobs/explosion/kung fu” category

    |Outside the Chew-score|

  • A stupid tweet that made me laugh; we’ll have a post on some of these fake Twitter accounts later in the day…I guess… |Grimey|
  • Great advice on how to get your stuff linked up; leaving comments is a good start, for example


  • The UK’s Rachel Cordinly blah blah blah she sucked in school so she has to do photo shoots in scant clothing to make ends meet. Not that I’m complaining. Significantly (and I absolutely swear I had nothing to do with that panda watermark in the corner…)


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