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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump.  Get it while the links are hot!

  • Florida fan Spencer Hall has an oddly sober and reflective post in the wake of the Gators’ win last night. [The Sporting Blog]
  • The year in college football, set to highfalutin indie rock.  [Every Day Should Be Saturday]
  • Mouthpiece Sports goes against the grain of most sports blogs and does something original: a weather map of the U.S. determined by winning percentages of pro sports teams.  What, Kansas City is worse than Seattle?  Can’t we add in college football, too?
  • Mark Titus tells the harrowing tale of being trapped in an elevator with some Ohio State teammates in Minnesota.  [Club Trillion]  Still the best athlete sports blog out there.
  • Painfully awkward, yet funny, video short from RejectedJokes.  [YouTube]
  • Jessica Gomes has too many necklaces. [COED Magazine]

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