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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump.  It’s totally not paying rent until the 5th.

  • Tirico Suave presents the very best Plaxico Burress in the wake of Friday night’s shooting, an epic compilation of Photoshoppery that recreates A Christmas Story.  That’s not faint praise, given this winner from KSK.
  • Ball Don’t Lie has video of LeBron James simply destroying a layup attempt by Ramon Sessions.  That’s not a blocked shot, that’s a reason to change your name and move to another city.
  • Don Chavez has the bubble-bath photos that may give Cleveland Cavs dancer Toni some hard times in the coming days.  In an effort to distance myself from naked-cheerleader stories, I give you Oregon’s delightfully wholesome Amanda.  She wants her last meal to be from Olive Garden, God bless her.
  • The Pro Cheerleader Blog says that the Eagles’ Kristie is a special kind of ambidextrous: she can sign her first name with her left hand while signing her last name with her right.  Please avoid pornographic innuendos regarding this story.
  • For no good reason whatsoever, a mesmerizing .gif.

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