11.04.09 8 years ago

Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. It says it has great ideas, but it never shares them.

  • The first PGA player to be suspended for PEDs isn’t even on the PGA Tour.

    Sportress of Blogitude.

  • This is titled “Most unintentionally disturbing Viagra ads,” but when is old people mashing guts ever not disturbing?!


  • It’s time to bet on who will be the Redskins’ next head coach. My pick? Katie Holmes.

    Play Blackjack.

  • Fedor thought that Rocky IV was garbage. Really? That might have been the best one.


  • This guy dressed up as Michael Phelps–complete with skin cap and bong–and then ran a 5k. Facebook.
  • A Bulls fan visits Madison Square Garden.

    Tremendous Upside Potential.

  • Alright, kids. Gather ’round for the tale of the sexually confused ninja.

    College Humor.

  • Jessica Felice looks great in green. I never wanted to be a giant slab of rock so much in my life.

    Jessica Felice.

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