09.21.09 8 years ago

Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link assemblage. It still hasn’t found a way to do anything fun with the Kanye West meme.

  • Here’s a full recap of everything that happened at UFC 103, including Vitor Belfort’s round one TKO of Rich Franklin.

    Sherdog, Watch Kalib Run, Cagewriter, Camel Clutch Blog.

  • I didn’t think ESPN would be giving me the best argument to actually attend the BlogWorld Expo, but they have.

    Blogs With Balls.

  • Stephon Marbury’s internet career apparently has gone the way of his NBA career.

    Sports Humor 23.

  • Giving Milton Bradley $30 million led to a series of events that pretty much everyone saw coming.

    Rumors and Rants.

  • The Twins’ new stadium could lead to baseball’s first controversy surrounding air conditioning.

    Style Points.

  • Jessica Bratich is really good at karate. That’s cool, as long as she doesn’t try to chop my wood.

    Big League Screw.

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