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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump.  There won’t be meat bikinis every day, but that sure would be nice.

  • InGameNow‘s spectacular pictorial of meat bikinis combines two of my favorite three things in the entire world.  Just needs a bottle of whiskey to make it complete.  Okay, and maybe some books, too.
  • Tired of doing your fantasy football draft in a basement?  Or in a bar where everyone makes fun of you?  Try going to Aruba, where everyone will make fun of you.  [Traveling Light]
  • Remember Marcus Fizer from Iowa State?  Whatever happened to him? [Vent About Sports]
  • Channing Frye, the TrailBlazer most likely to stay in Portland and celebrate its weirdness for the rest of his life, is sponsoring a kickball tournament for charity.  [Bootlegger Sports]
  • Acie Law is going to lose $10,000. [YardBarker]
  • The NBA is always finding new ways to depress me. [Ball Don’t Lie]

Send tips and submissions for SAN to  A special thanks to everyone who sent in excellent tips this week, plus a GD brilliant week from the commenters.  I salute you all.  You get bonus meat swimsuits for your effort.  But no soppressata!  You have to earn the cured meats.

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