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  • Myron Rolles kicks ass for accepting his Rhodes Scholarship and not going into the NFL for another year.  Deuce of Davenport is Kevin Spacey gay for looking at it from a monetary angle.  If I let my financial prospects guide my life, I’d still be in the Marines or working (or fired) from Wall Street.  F that noise.  Change the world, Myron.
  • Every Day Should Be Saturday beautifully imagines Chris Berman’s grisly death, while Kissing Suzy Kolber has an equally gruesome end for much of the FOX NFL crew.  Hey, who’s that handsome fellow writing for KSK?
  • Kevin Garnett is inside Chris Bosh’s head. [Food Court Lunch]  And now you’re inside Marion Cotillard‘s camera!  She’s captured your soul!
  • Bonus links!  Quality work by D.C. Sports Bog (Cooley working the Kiss Cam with his wife) and Boosh Magazine (snowboarders’ hottest snowboarderettes).
  • Hey, fatty, I got a movie for ya: A Fridge Too Far.  Excellent headline.  [My Fox KC]

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