11.16.09 8 years ago

SAN is With Leather’s daily link dump. It never goes for it unless she’s unconscious.

  • Kobe’s not a good with computers as he is with pickup lines in hotel rooms.

    The Hoop Doctors.

  • Before Packers coach Mike McCarthy disposed of the Cowboys, he disposed of a mouthy member of his grounds crew.

    Last Angry Fan.

  • Soccer players are now getting injured by sitting on airline flights now. Buck up, Nancy.

    The Beautiful Game.

  • If only John Mellancamp’s truck ads could have been this hilarious.

    Cracked, via FilmDrunk.

  • How many quarterbacks have the Bears had since Jim McMahon. Hey, Jim McMahon wasn’t all that great, people.

    Bear Goggles On.

  • Michael Vick has the most unlikely of heroes. It’s only a matter of time before Vick tries to kiss Pam Oliver.

    Sports Crackle Pop.

  • Just like you, Abbey Clancy is getting a slow start this morning. Maybe you two could help each other out.


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