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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link heap.

  • How badly have the elections gone in Iran? They just put Ohio State in the BCS again

    |Eleven Warriors|

  • A wonderfully refreshing take on Mickey Mantle; spoiler alert: he draws the wrath of children!

    |Style Points|

  • Last weekend, the guy that does Hugging Harold Reynolds met Harold Reynolds. Lurking in the background is Sarah Spain, dressed like a farm girl

    |Joe Sports Fan via Twitter|

  • This is how they watch basketball in Peru


  • This week in Nerdgasms: Olivia Munn will be on the cover of Playboy next month. So that would be…the December issue? Don’t they post-date their newsstand issues by five or six months?

    |The Rap Up|

  • Do you “deserve” an NBA championship. Check the list and see

    |Hail Mary Jane|

  • Heather Graham needs a coat, apparently. C’mon, she was very not terrible in The Hangover

    |Don Chavez|

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