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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. It has quite the disdain for pants.

  • Another permutation of “the Guitar Hero” commercial, this time with Bobby Knight in his underwear. And after that, it gets a little uncomfortable

    |via Pat at FanIQ|

  • The Spartans’ heading to the Final Four is one of the few feel-good moments for The State Up North of late

    |Rumors And Rants|

  • Here’s a solid rundown of candidates to replace Billy Gillispe at Kentucky

    |Vent About Sports|

  • A uniform review of college hockey’s Sweet Sixteen

    |Uni Watch|

  • The city of Indianapolis just wrapped up a big hoops weekend; that’s good news for the local economy |Indy Cornrows|
  • Roger Goodell wants to bring back NFL Europe…sort of

    |Cat Crave|

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