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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. It dates unattractive women just to maintain the upper hand in the relationship.

  • Meet your new NFL analyst. Sadly, he will not be analyzing to win the game [Awful Announcing]
  • Dan Orlovsky and Sage Rosenfels, statistically, are pretty similar. But Sage’s Rosencopter would maul Danny O’s End Zone Waltz any day of the week. Except maybe on Sundays, strangely enough [Texans Chick]
  • Chris Canty got paid–by a rival team in his old division–and yes, that’s a suit made entirely of $1 bills. Now…do you dryclean that? Or just throw it in the washer on a cold water cycle? [In Game Now]
  • Oh yeah, this whole baseball memoir was fake. I wanted to post it earlier in the week, but you guys aren’t too big on baseball. Furthermore, fiction blows [First Cuts]
  • Speaking of baseball, MLB 2K9 was released this week, and it looks rather badass. Of course, I say that with no review copy of the game in hand. DON’T YOU VIDEO GAME DEVELOPERS KNOW WHO I AM?!?!? [GameZone]
  • Blah blah blah Heidi Montag we salute you whatever. I forgot where I picked up that image, but I photoshopped everyone else out of it. My penis gets confused easily. It might also be epileptic. That’s why I never go grocery shopping in sweatpants.

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